Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Live life

I've been thinking about my life lately, all the things happening lately, the move, the new store, learning about my promotion, seeming to get my life in some kind of order. Yet it feels incomplete. Like there is a big hole with something missing. Now I am not one of those girls who has to have a guy, ask anyone I tend to go awhile between dates, my choice. I have found that I am happy without a guy they just add drama, but sometimes I need drama. Life otherwise can get boring. So lately I've been thinking about all the guys that have passed through my life and what they ment to me. Some at the time seemed so important, life changing, that looking back I can't for the life of me even remember what I saw in them. Others that I held at arms length, and never let anything develop - are more important - should I have let things develop, what if? One stands out, been thinging about him alot lately, what if? I hate what if, it's a human condition thought up by some demon to drive us insane, he's down there laughing his ass off now as we sit here. But still I can't help myself. What if? You know what I don't care, nothing happened at the time, maybe sometime in the future I'll see him again and take that leap - maybe i won't but at this point, to quote "I wish you would make up my bed, so I could make up my mind" (anyone know the song?) My mind will churn and maybe give me some rest now that I've written it all down. You ever think, it's the journey that makes you right for the one you end up with? Maybe that's why so many young marriages don't work - you aren't ready for that person yet. You have to expand, grow, learn first.
Side note - anyone watch this season of gilmore girls? I hate that Luke and Lorelai broke up - she just doesn't seem right with christopher. (sigh)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Where in the world are we?

Just wanted to let you know, we are alive and well!! Having done 3400 miles in 8 days, and helping to open a brand new store, we are just plain tired! As soon as we find ourselves, we will post and catch you up!!!

op & L

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I can't seem to help myself, I started the Conquering Cables KAL and learned the Irish Hiking scarf pattern for the first project - as well as my first cable pattern EVER, and now I can't stop! First I did the purple pair of fingerless gloves on the bottom left(for mom), then I did the rose colored pair above them(for grandma), then I started the mushroom colored scarf(for granddaddy), then I did the grey pair, then I started the darker pink pair in a longer length for me!First one done second one already cast on. I should have some of my own obsession! But I still have plans for matching scarves for the rose and purple as well as my pink. A friend said I was obsessed, and I didn't believe him, I mean I'm just knitting a little - okay a lot. I'm a slow knitter and have done all this in like a week. I usually don't even finish a project! But I can live with this obsession, it along with Lime and Violet have helped me de-stress lately while trying to cope with this DAMN MOVE!!!
Move update: Mom and Dad will be here Thursday night with the trailer, we load up Friday, have a yardsale sat and sun to get rid of the junk left behind, sit what's left on the curb for Monday pick-up and roll out of here Monday 9am. 2 days travel to VA, and Friday I report to my new job. GOD HELP ME!!!! Just writing it makes me sick to my stomach!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I hurt myself

So I have been packing, and then worked odd shifts, where I wasn't in charge, and ended up on bar - FOR HOURS!!! You may not think that working the bar is physically demanding, but my shoulder has given out. My right arm is fine, but I can no longer lift it up to say touch my head without almost falling to the floor in pain, Sharp stabbing pain radiating from my shoulder across my neck. Great right. I can barely knit. Horror. So I am sitting here reading my email with a heating pad across my shoulder, and neck. I have managed to do 2 things - one is finish the first of a grey pair of fingerless gloves in the Irish hiking pattern, and started a scarf in a mushroom color in the same pattern. Pics here.
Had a bunch of stuff to say and am just to tired and in pain, so I'm for bed.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Zen

I have resisted knitting for a very long time. My grandma frist taught me to knit when I was very young 6 or 7 I think - I can still remember her helping me, and the way the yarn never did what I wanted it to do. I learned to crochet when I was 19 from my mother and grasped that concept easily, I am deslexic and could never understand most patterns - I just couldn't see the way things were suppost to go in my head. So I did all my crochet with no pattern, once I understood stitches, I just did them - all my own patterns and none ever written down - mom still has a fit over the hats I did that could never be repeated since I didn't even pay attention to what I was doing as i made them. I loved cross stitch with the colors and the set design I could see at a glance. But knitting with it's 2 sticks and yarn that went in odd ways frustrated, and aggrivated me. I didn't understand it, the patterns left me oddly unhappy, and the yarn never looked right. I also have the attention span of - oh how did miss violet put it - a gnat on crack I think is what she said. I always have at least 5 projects going in each craft (knitting, cross stitch, crochet, and others) Large projects while they catch my eye are not for me - a sweater - forget about it - no way I will ever finish it.

But lately I have finally found the zen I get at other crafts, the peace I have when I crochet, or cross stitch. The blank, peaceful space where my mind is clear and the world fades away. My mother has never understood how I could read a book, and watch a movie, while waiting for an email and pay attention to all 3 and never loose any part of two story lines and reply to the email, but my mind never seems to stop going in a hundres directions - except when I get in my zen space.
I can do it with a book if I concentrate, but it has always come easily and quickly in my crochet and cross stitch. Now the knitting is bringing it. Even if I only have 10 minutes I can sit and knit and my mind floats, at peace, easy, relaxed. The stress decreases, the problems pull away and things are easier for that 10 minutes. It makes me want to teach more people to find their zen. Find the calm in yourself where you understand and really like yourself. The place where it doesn't matter what else is going on in your life you are okay.

Everyone needs that calm blank space.

Monday, October 16, 2006


I thought I was going to faint! I was light headed, dizzy and sick to my stomach!!!
As soon as I heard it I knew! IT WAS CRACKED!!! Not completely broken all the way through, thank god, just cracked alittle, but still, my poor needle.
Thank Goodness I had felt the need two days ago to buy another pair at the yarn store so I was able to finish these.
(The pale pink - it is really a pink heather color I love!)
I still have to make the matching scarf I have planned to go with them, but I finished my second cable project! I really enjoyed it and already am half way through a grey pair. The first pair I made (the purpe ones) are thinner weight, done on a larger needle with a sport weight yarn, instead of this worsted weight. But they are very pretty and I really liked the way they looked -- not as bulky as the light pink ones. I plan on finishing the grey ones and doing a scarf to match, then doing a scarf to out of a brownish color for a christmas present. I am really loving this pattern, so easy to remember, and it works up so quick! I am a member of a cable's KAL that this was the first pattern ( In the scarf version) and am so happy I found it! if anyone is interested.
After I get this more out of my system I think I'm going to try socks. There are some awesome sock yarns out there that I am starting to feel the need to buy! Well, when I'm rich.
I'm for bed, have a really weird schedule this week and have to be at work at 5pm tonight, so I need sleep!

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm back

I know it's been awhile since I posted anything - so much has been going on and my mind has been running in a million directions with not much hope of fixing on anything. Lots of changes - I'm moving to Va on Nov 1 - this was not even a vision of soon a couple of weeks ago - and now everything is set in motion and in place for me to go!
I have started knitting a pair of cabled fingerless gloves and am trying to talk mom in to joining this KAL and making me this skirt - since I have very limited patience!
I really like it and would actually wear it!
What else has happened - sweetpea went to live with josh, the house is very quiet without him here. I am in the middle of boxes and stacks of junk everywhere.
Today I feel the need to dye some mohair, and knit, to unwind and and be alittle lazy. I feel like all I have done lately is run around and work and I'm tired of it! I want some me time.
So I'm going to work on these:
and make some lunch since I am awake way to early in the day!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have to see something new!

Isn't that a pretty daffodil? Now to find the directions to make it!

that hat behind it is felted and oh so cool!! Do you think it is knit or crochet? We shall do some flower research!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Party Night

Well last night was Maria's Trailer trash Birthday Party! As you can see Davie and I really worked on the trashy part! We had a good time - then went and had breakfast with Bear at Jims - liver and onions! Here is bear sleeping on my couch!
He had been up 24 hours at that point! He was so pissed I took a picture - he knows if you fall asleep around me I take pictures! What did he expect?

So I'm still sick and plan to go back to bed now to nap til i have to go to work - but first.
Movie quote - last one was from Lilo and Stitch - Tana come on with those kids you didn't know that!
So for today:
"Dishes are done dude"
Tana I just told yo this one a couple days ago - go watch the movie!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I am a sane, rational, normal person

Well maybe some days I am, I think I am but don't they say the insane don't know they are insane. How scary is that! You could go your life thinking your in control, sane and never realize your as nutty as a fruit cake! Which when you think about it is a very odd statement - fruit cakes are full of fruit - shouldn't it be as fruity as a fruit cake?
On to other thoughts! I am much better about the whole Kevin thing, some days things just don't work out, and you just have to pick up and go on! I'm okay with that!

Random thought - i think I'll start leaving movie quotes - leave me a comment if you can name the movie! For today
"Her head is kinda loopsided, so i pretent she has worms in it"

I was up way earlier then i normally am - due to a nap at 5am, so I'm off to bed!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


So I am much calmer today. Spent some time with friends last night - had a good time, and was able to put things in perspective. I was also able to get some work done on the baby kimono for baby Mathew, so I am in a much better place. I thought through a few things and made a few decisions and am okay with whatever happens in my life in the next few weeks. Whatever happens may still upset and piss me off but that is okay - I have decided I like the ups and downs, it makes life very interesting! Makes me more aware of myself and what is happening around me. So I am off to bed! Had a nap at 3 am so was still wide awake when i normally sleep.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


WARNING!!!!!!! This post is going to be explosive and have very nasty words!!!!

Finally talked to Kevin tonight - he got back on saturday afternoon, we chatted, he said he would call me back either tonight or tomorrow. Had a good conversation. Then I found out from other sources - you ready for this? -
Now I'm not upset he brought her back - if they can work things out I would be thrilled for him and his family - however BE A FUCKING MAN AND TELL ME ABOUT HER!!!! Don't hide what is going on in your life - makes me feel like the other woman and I am NEVER the OTHER WOMAN!!!! I have to much respect for myself and whoever I am with to be in that situation! I have listened and not said a word when friends were worried about me talking and hanging out with him, I have said we were open with each other about being friends and him not being in a place for a relationship - I'm fine with that - if I'm moving to Va then I am not in a place for that anyway - but I don't like that he is hiding this from me!!!

I have decided to not say a word that I know and see how long it takes him to tell me himself. As long as others don't tell him I know, it may be awhile! Should be interesting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I guess I didn't have alot to say!

Was just too tired this am to think straight! After I started typing I couldn't get my thoughts together and was just too tired to decide what to say. I have had alot happen in the last week, so much so that the days have run together and I feel like last week was a month ago. Between hanging out with John in the middle of the night, working 9 overnights at work, knitting, and talking to friends - plus trying to remember to eat(which really is harder then you would think - I ended up with the shakes at work the other night and David(a regular) went and got me food he was so worried about me) I seem to have a hard time eating in them in the middle of the night, and cooking in the heat of the day makes me feel like throwing up. So I end up just eating once a night or snacking on a piece of pound cake at work or something - which is really bad for me.
I have also had a hard time sleeping with the heat so bad during the day - wake up covered in sweat and feeling icky.
I haven't heard from Kevin in a week - since he left for OK - he was supost to be back on saturday or sunday - so I may be just getting blown off, or he could be just really busy - whatever, I'm to tired and out of it to care at the moment.
I am trying to not text him too much or call - just get bored in the middle of the night and know he is one of the few people up at the hours I am.
I have the habit of sending random text messages in the middle of the night - just send off a large group to see who responds! Such a bad habit to get into!
Well i need to get a nap before work.

The Yarn Harlot

Stephanie Pearl-McFee & Sunshine Sallygayle

I have alot to say

It's an M & M - i know I didn't see it either!
So lots to say - first off went to see the Yarn Harlot a couple weeks ago and never posted the picture so here is that - was a very eventful day - just thinking about it makes me want a nap! Oh well never mind I can't remember how to resize the pictures. On to other things - I am sort of seeing a new guy - we hang out from time to time. His name is John - he's 20 - which mom thought was funny. He works 2 jobs and goes to school, so he doesn't have alot of time. He is a HUGH flirt and it makes me laugh - for those wanting to know what he looks like here is a really bad picture taken on my phone at 2 am in the dark the other night. He was not pleased i was taking pictures - he had been up since 7:30 the morning before and was very tired. Still cute though.
What else - I worked 9 of the last 10 nights and am now dead! But am doing better after not having to go in tonight!
Am half way through the baby kimono from the mason dixon knitting book for Lyndsay's baby due like next week. Pretty good for one day's work - especially for me I am a very slow knitter.
I think I'm going to take a nap!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yes I am alive!

Yes I am alive. I have just been working the overnight 9 of the last 10 nights at work and too tired to do anything but go to work and come home and sleep. I did manage to finish two dishclothes yesterday morning when I got off work, before I went to sleep. The frog and the mystery KAL dishcloth from my Lone star state knitters group - one of the ladies designed it - she was bored, she's pregnant with her 5th and bored. Tell me if you can figure out what it is. Blogger is being difficult I'll load the picture later. Bye for now

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's time for bed

It's past time for me to go to bed - i'm alittle punch drunk with lack of sleep. But I realized earlier that for the first time in awhile I am really pretty okay with my life - I'm not doing anything important, I'm even having money problems from time to time - but i don't care. I am happy with who i am and what I'm doing! Work is pretty easy, I have a guy I enjoy spending time with, I'm knitting again. Right now I have 3 dishcloths, a rabbit, and a lace shawl on needles, and am making progress on all. I have plans with friends, I have people I can count on, and life is nice - I am so tempting fate by saying that! But that's okay! I may have car problems, and money problems but who cares! LIFE IS GOOD! All in all I couldn't really ask for much more - well I could but that would really tempt fate! I'm in a great mood and am going to bed! I am off to Hobby Lobby - where peaches and cream is .99 cents this week! And to bath and body works because i have a COUPON!!!!! More later

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A long night.....

I had a very long night at work, and am glad to be home for some sleep! Every day makes me more aware of different parts of my life. Lately it's been my lack of knowledge when it comes to men - I have decided they really are a separate species with no relation at all to females. Their behavior makes no sense to my female mind and you can never read anything into their actions - you'll always be wrong. I have made the last 2 weeks a study of the species and come to a couple conclusions to help me in my daily life - one - always take them at face value - do not read anything into what they say or do, they really are that one dimensional. Two - they have a very odd relationship with the phone - where they can't return phone calls, and in equal parts hate and love their phone - they are never without it but they rarely answer it. So give up trying to reach them and expecting a response. Three - they rarely remember they are supposed to do something, or that they made plans to do something - everything is a complete surprise to them - it doesn't matter how many times you told them about it - they will not remember it! Four - they really don't listen - they have learned to respond based on the tone of your voice not what your saying, so don't expect them to remember you telling them anything - relates well to number three. Five - they will do anything to avoid an adult conversation about their feelings and/or your feelings, do not think even locking them in a room or in a car will work they will find a way out!

So to save your hair - you will feel the need to pull it out - remember these things, take a deep breath, and knit with clenched teeth til the urge to strangle, decapitate, or disembowel has passed and you'll be fine, knitting really is very therapeutic - just stay away from the male in your life when working with straights - they are excellent for stabbing, and will sink easily into a chest cavity.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

In Addition..

to yesterday's post. I tried to post this yesterday since everyone has been bugging me about a picture to go along with the name. But blogger wouldn't let me upload any pictures. Everyone wants to know what Kevin looks like. This is a really bad picture, since he hates having his picture taken i had to sneak it while he wasn't paying attention. As far as i'm concerned it's what he deserves for not paying attention to me! It was 3am so he looks tired.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Night and Day interchange and the world moves too fast...

So I had 3 whole days off and am getting ready to head out to work now, but for last few days I have had a wonderful time and night and day seem to change into each other and back again! I had been upset with Kevin, then(see previous post) had come to terms with everything. I had been on a much more even keel, happy with everything and enjoying his company. I make it sound like that has chaged - it hasn't. i had a great time last night - we drove up to lockheart and repoed a eclipse - that had a blown head gasket - then over to shiner and picked up a F150 - that was only 2 years old but smelled like something had died in it! Looked for 2 other cars in gonzales with no luck then headed home with me driving the smelly truck and him towing the eclipse. Droped the cars off about 5:30 this am and headed across town to repo a mustang with a good bit of body damage, before he dropped me off at home at 7:30 this am. The drive all over was nice we had a good time laughing and joking, and had a few real conversations about relationships and what was going on in both our lives. He is flying up tuesday to OK to get his stuff and see his kids, he finally got to move in to the house he is renting up the road - real nice 3 bedroom 2 bath with a big back yard with grape vines. Just a fun time. i had made a few decisions, one that I was the one making all the effort to contact him and that that was going to stop - well since I stoped contacting him - he started calling at least 2x a day. Very interesting! We will see how things go.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

When Hell is cool and comfortable...

So life has been odd - the heat here really does make hell feel comfortable - along with that I have been at odds with not only myself but Kevin as well. It was in the middle of the night that I realized what I was expecting and what I was wanting, and getting were always going to be three very separate things, and that while I did deserve some consideration, I had to look at the other person and realize HE'S MALE!!!!!!! I was never going to understand, or get him to realize what he was doing that was upsetting me. It wasn't anything big - more a matter of NOT ANSWERING HIS PHONE!!! But at the same time it's not just me he doesn't answer the phone for - or return calls to - it's EVERYONE - the man has serious phone issues. So I feel better - at the same time realizing that what I was expecting from him was for him to change and men never change. I have to decide if what I expect and want and what I have, will mix or if I need to re-evaluate what I want and expect, because what I have will not change. If what I have is not what I need then that is something totally different.

Look at me all philosophical at this time of day!(it's the middle of my night!)
I have had alot of people tell me to drop him, he's not worth the trouble, why would you continue to talk to someone who doesn't put you first, bla, bla, bla. WAIT A MINUTE - I never asked for a serious relationship from him, we have never talked about being more then friends and seeing how things go - so I can't really expect him to treat me like a serious relationship, or any way other then a friend - and by the same count I can't do anything more then treat him like a friend - and I have friends that take weeks to return a call! I just have to figure out if I can live with this.
Time will tell.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

People in general suck

The picture is my baby brother with my dog at christmas - nothing to do with this blog but thought I would post it.
So I have decided that most people in general suck. They are out for themselves and only them! Screw everyone else - like a favorite movie of mine says "things really are black and white". You have the friends that even if you don't talk to them every day will with no thought offer you their car, and ones you talk to every day that blow you off. You have the ones that you think have your best interests at heart try to start shit and others that will tell you straight no matter what you want to hear. It's all a matter of not getting bogged down in the everyday stuff - yes they may be a friend but the one you want is the one who is always willing to help if you talked to them 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago. I had a good look at that today and realized I was very luck that I can see what my friends truely are. I know who I can depend on and who I can't. I know who i can call and they will drop everything for me and who I don't even need to bother calling - they never anwser the phone. It's really a do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. I try to live like that - I help where I can, I try not to judge, I support even if I don't like the decision, and I try to never say i told you so to their face - it's just rude! They already know they were an idiot - they don't need you to tell them.
I haven't been knitting much not even really reading my groups on knitting, but someone did post a Texas Dishcloth that I think will be my next one.
She has alot of very interesting dishcloths - I am very broke right now and cotton is very inexpensive so I think for awhile I'll do dishclothes.
I think I'm going to sit and knit for awhile.

Monday, July 24, 2006


So I know I have said I hang out with bikers and I thought I would share alittle with you about the people I hang out with. They are B.A.C.A(bikers against child abuse) and they can explain better then I ever could what they do for kids. is their website. They are a great bunch of people who work towards never having a child afraid. I know bikers have a negitive stereotype and in many ways these are those guys! Tattooed, long hair, beards, hard looking guys and ladies, and some of the best people I have ever known (they are how I met Kevin(repo guy) he is one of them). Here is a link to some pictures of the san Antonio chapter events(no Kevin is not in them) but Bear, chuck, Ileana, Lori and a bunch of others are.
I had sneaked some pictures of Kevin when he fell asleep on the couch but he found them yesterday and deleted them - I thought they were funny - he didn't! The man snores worse then any one except my father! And then swears he doesn't snore - right! I almost fell off the couch laughing when he fell asleep!
I know I have a warped sense of humor - it was funny!
So no pictures today just a couple links. Hope you enjoy meeting some great people and hey - support them in any way you can!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Want a real horse.........

and a fairy to match? Check this one out!

Do you ever notice...

That the longer your up the funnier everything gets, the more you can't stand some people, that the lights are pretty, and for some odd reason - even though they know you! - people think your high! That at 2 am you think odd thoughts you would never think during a busy day. People are much more willing to say anything they think at 2 am also. Doesn't matter what it is it comes out peoples mouths at 2am. You get all your drunk dials, and absurd text messages at 2 am also. But sometimes you get this flash of insight at 2 am, when everything is quiet, dark, and still, with the wind blowing, and the crickets out, the neighbors dog barking, BAM you get an insight that makes you change your life! Makes you look at everything different, makes you different.

That did not happen to me tonight! I got the drunk text messages and phone calls, but they were fun too!
What do you think of this as a new tattoo? She looks like she is contemplating the universe.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Men are very unique and odd creatures. They seem to live their lives in their own odd little universe and expect everyone else around them to live by the rules of that universe. They seem to be unique in how they relate to others of their kind, with odd grunts and hand gestures. They talk in weird little phrases and sayings that are to the female ear - well down right stupid - yet others of their kind respond in a similar fashion, which results in displays of their strenght and proweress. (They also act like a 2 year old on a candy high and whine when they don't get their way - but we already knew that) These creatures cause the female race heart ache, pain, suffering, and pregnancy, yet who is the intellegent race - females keep going back for more.

I have come to the conclusion that females are the odd ones, but also the much more intellegent ones - We know to distroy the weak losers.

Friday, July 21, 2006


So I know my parents have always gone - where did she come from! I come from two people who say NO to tattoos and piercing. Where as I am very much in favor of tattoos! I really want another one and keep looking at all this great Fairy art out on the net and LUSTING for one. I am going to get a tat to represent my great aunt who pasted away last October, but I want more! I keep seeing things that speak to me and I want my life represented on me - I want people to be able to look at my art and know parts of me! Parts of me are naughty! And other parts are sweet and fun! But I want the moments of my life etched onto me. By the way the art is by Amy Brown check out her awesome fairies, I love her stuff. So I tend to be a little less wholesome then I normally look on the outside - all my tattoos are covered when I work - and unless you know me you would never guess I had tattoos - which makes my parents shake their heads. What can I say I am a complex individual. I date bikers, and wear leather, have tattoos - some days. Others I wear jeans and tshirts and look about 20, and seem wholesome and very girl next door, I knit, crochet, spin, weave, cross stitch, scrapbook, and whorship the all might craft gods of fiber and yarn(as well as paper and pen - ask my mother I have more notebooks and blank paper and pens then anyone else I know!) So on todays 4am topic - tattoos I say - HELL YES! And never judge a book without see all there is to see! HEHEHEHE

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Frog

So I am knitting my first dishcloth - every one keeps says how they are instant knitting gratification. We will see. So far I like it - but I think I am keeping it - why should I give up my cute little frog? One of the ladies on my Lone Star Knitting group posted the link and I just thoughtit was cute - I had some cream cotton that mom had bought at the Yarn Barn and then left here - just one skein, not enough for a decent project but more then enough for a dishcloth! So here's how it looks so far - we'll see if I finish it and how it turns out!
In other news I have been hanging out with Kevin(repo Guy) some and we have a good time - he showed me pictures of his kids and they are so cute - his younger son has his smile - which I know means trouble! I can see it in the glint in both their eyes! I told him he would and asked what he was like and he said "he's just like me only 10 times worse - I am so getting paid back" HEHEHEHEHE karma sucks but is so funny when it's not happening to you! On that profound thought - I'm going to go have lunch - I just got up and need food!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2 AM and odd thoughts

So I just got home from work about 15 minutes ago and plan on going out again in about another 15 - repo guy is coming to pick me up. Work was fine - same ol' same ol'. I did get hit on by a 20 year old, very much a mood pick me up even if it did make me feel some what old. All I could think was Baby you can't even buy me a drink, let alone have a conversation with me. Still - nice to know 20 years olds think I'm HOT! I am having alot of fun with Kevin (repo guy), nice to hang out with a guy with a sense of humor, that can laugh even when things are rocky. I'm tired of guys who are so serious, everything has to be just so, don't hurt their feelings.UGGGG. I just want a fun guy to hang out with, that thinks I'm HOT, and fun to be with. Kevin showed up yesterday at work and kept whistling at me as I was working - was cute and funny - I realized I had never realy had a guy whistle at me before. So in honor of this new fun guy I'm going to do something I think is very not fun - I'm going back to the gym - want to keep him whistling at me! Although he says I'm toohard on myself that I look the way a woman should - now who wants to argue with that?
I'm off - time to go!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Check out what I got

So I had a visitor at work last night and I thought I would share what he brought. I hadn't seen or heard from him since friday night and was alittle pissed thinking I was being blown off, turns out his cell died - the battery is dead dead and won't hold a charge - and he said he didn't know how I would feel about his just coming over without calling or checking to make sure it was okay with me first. Which I understand some people are weird about people showing up unexpected. So I am going to concider this his one screw up and see how things go. Plus he says sorry so nicely - what girl doesn't like a guy who brings her flowers - and NOT RED! They are a beautiful fushia color! A guy with some imagination . So ladies what do you think - forgive or what? I'm for bed just got home from work and had to share.

Friday, July 14, 2006


So I know i should talk abut something else - like the fact that I haven't knit in 2 days and my crochet is now stuck in a closet - DAMN DPN - but I'm in a good mood - so I'm sharing! The repo guy is really nice, except for the slightly weird fact that is name is Kevin - my father is Kevin too. He came by work last night to say hi and see me, then came back at 3 with breakfast so i didn't have to go any where on my break. It was funny that I have allways thought(even said it 2 weeks ago) that I wanted a handy guy, who likes bikes, dogs and has a sense of humor - too soon to tell but he has a sense of humor, loves bikes and seems handy to have around - NOT that i'm getting ahead of my self - we haven't even really had a date date - you know he plans it, picks me up, takes me out brings me home etc. but it's fun now!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Interesting evening part 2

So I had a really good time we didn't get any cars but we drove around all night talking and he took me to breakfast this morning before droping me off and meeting my dog(this big one is sweetpea- mine, and the little demon is dolly mom's Chihuahua trying to eat mine at christmas) Which is a big thing because my dog doesn't like most people! Well he was fine with him - let him rub all over him and scratch his back - plus I got asked to go with him again! And I got a super sweet text message saying sweet dreams this am and a good morning sunshine at 4 this afternoon! I'm off to see when he wants to meet up again.

An interesting evening out

Well I am going out tonight to repo cars! One of the guys in a biker group I know BACA(bikers against child abuse) is a repo man who works nights, so tonight I bumped into him at starbucks and was complaining about being p all night for work and being bored on my day off, saying I was just going to knit and watch a movie - and to try not to throw those damn DPN's across the room! I have never used DPN before and am not happy with them at the moment! So he invited me to go repo with him and I am! Should be interesting! I'll report about it tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another day

So my roommate showed yesterday after three weeks in Flagstaff Az. Nice to have someone else in the house. A day off I have a day off! I am so happy I have been working 7 days straight! 9pm to 6 am way to many days in a row!
So to celebrate I am casting on for the Knucks KAL if anyone wants to join! I went and got 2 balls of wool ease to try since I don't have any rowan yarn. I think I'm going to use MANS RUIN on my gloves and a friend has already put in a request for HARM NONE, so it looks like I'm doing at least 2 pair! We are having a contest in the KAl to see who knits the most pairs - i know it won't be me but still can't wait to see all the posts!
In other news i started the second of a pair of leg warmers. I got a great deal on yarn today - fur novelty yarn for 75cents a skein! I only bought $6 worth I restrained myself!
Well off to cast on!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Middle of the night thoughts!

Okay so I know some people never sleep - but why are you at starbucks at 3 am, and why do you act like i should be able to read your mind? If i was psychic do yu think I would be working here? HELLO - anyone home? (just so you do't think I'm mean - I am one of those weirdos at starbucks in the middle of the night - even on my days off - when I'm not knitting) Knitting - I love to stick a movie on I have seen a million times and knit away for a hours - I have seen elizabethtown oh at a guess 100-150 times - no joke - at least 3-4 times a week - it just really strikes something in me - I have made that kind of trip alot inthe last few years with family members. but I have also found PBS and BBC are great to watch - I love Miss Marple in the middle of the night!

Work has been better - not so stressed at the moment - which for me is a miracle! Now if everthing else would fall into place - yea right! The world isn't that easy!

I'm thinking i need new yarn for the Knucks KAL - right? You could always use more yarn!
Wool or eww I know a nice silk alpacca blend would feel so nice - or angora and wool - NO - angora and alpacca!

Time for bed - to dream about lovely yarn.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Have you ever had one of those weekends - you know the ones where everything is against you? So I got a promotion - sounds like a good thing right? WRONG!!!!! because of said promotion i was TRANSFERRED to a new store - okay still not a horrid thing - except it's the only 24 hour store in town and guess who gets the night shift - yep me! So i have been training for my new position - and after being told sunday night i would be on my own for the first time - after only 4 count them 4 night on that shift with someone else, where you have a HUGE amount of stuff that has to be done at a certain time in a certain way i go in friday to find out - you guessed didn't you! I WAS ON MY OWN! Now i work for starbucks - a very busy 24 hour starbucks - next to a movie theater - and the new pirates came out friday - the movie that made 138 MILLION in 3 days! And i'm in charge for the first time with 2 days experience - so i almost said I QUIT!!!! The only thing that stopped me was - ou guessed it I have bills! Saturday night and sunday night were better, but i did nothing but try to recover during my time away from work and now tonight another overnight shift - i could cry - i need a break.

In other more pleasant news I finished the first in a set of leg warmers and signed up for theKNUCKS KAL - yes i do realize i am knitting not crocheting at present! I am learning this odd two needle yarn in weird places craft too! I can master it - no matter how many years it takes!
Now for a lovely afternoon of sifting through my yarn closet to decide on what yarn to use for the knucks and a pair of the fetching gloves out og the new knitty.