Wednesday, August 16, 2006


WARNING!!!!!!! This post is going to be explosive and have very nasty words!!!!

Finally talked to Kevin tonight - he got back on saturday afternoon, we chatted, he said he would call me back either tonight or tomorrow. Had a good conversation. Then I found out from other sources - you ready for this? -
Now I'm not upset he brought her back - if they can work things out I would be thrilled for him and his family - however BE A FUCKING MAN AND TELL ME ABOUT HER!!!! Don't hide what is going on in your life - makes me feel like the other woman and I am NEVER the OTHER WOMAN!!!! I have to much respect for myself and whoever I am with to be in that situation! I have listened and not said a word when friends were worried about me talking and hanging out with him, I have said we were open with each other about being friends and him not being in a place for a relationship - I'm fine with that - if I'm moving to Va then I am not in a place for that anyway - but I don't like that he is hiding this from me!!!

I have decided to not say a word that I know and see how long it takes him to tell me himself. As long as others don't tell him I know, it may be awhile! Should be interesting!

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op said...

I had a feeling this might happen, and that he may feel like they were better off here than there, you know. It may not mean anything about their getting together, but it would be best for the kids. He did get a really big house, this may have been his plan all along, which may be why he got such a big house. WHO KNOWS WHAT MEN THINK?? OR HOW??
Maybe, honey, he is not sure what this really means, and he does not know what to tell you. It is not like you were engaged to him, you are just friends, remember that!
Do not let his actions effect your goodness, and stop using that BAD word!!