Monday, August 07, 2006

It's time for bed

It's past time for me to go to bed - i'm alittle punch drunk with lack of sleep. But I realized earlier that for the first time in awhile I am really pretty okay with my life - I'm not doing anything important, I'm even having money problems from time to time - but i don't care. I am happy with who i am and what I'm doing! Work is pretty easy, I have a guy I enjoy spending time with, I'm knitting again. Right now I have 3 dishcloths, a rabbit, and a lace shawl on needles, and am making progress on all. I have plans with friends, I have people I can count on, and life is nice - I am so tempting fate by saying that! But that's okay! I may have car problems, and money problems but who cares! LIFE IS GOOD! All in all I couldn't really ask for much more - well I could but that would really tempt fate! I'm in a great mood and am going to bed! I am off to Hobby Lobby - where peaches and cream is .99 cents this week! And to bath and body works because i have a COUPON!!!!! More later

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op said...

It is wonderful to hear that life is good!! As your mother, I worry, duh!! I think about you all the time, I pray for you at least daily, and wait to read your blog so I know what is happening, I know our times awake are totally reversed now! It appears to me you have come to an understanding of yourself heretofore missing. It is about time, hehehehe! As you have new experiences, I can only be oh so proud of you as you reach out to understand and appreciate them! As for men, well you Dad is an exception not the norm, and I have had 29 years to train him, so do not compare men to him, they will never even begin to compare! You will have to look for the traits you feel are most important and see if there is opportunity to work within those constraints. Then make them join the Navy so they will be gone 6 months at a time, and you will have the perfect man! JUST KIDDING!! Being gone from his family so very much is what has made your father into the man who puts you and your brother first always. Right behind me, YA YA!!
We are so very pround of you and all you have accomplished on your own, you are a very special person, do not let anyone steal that from you! ma