Sunday, August 27, 2006

Party Night

Well last night was Maria's Trailer trash Birthday Party! As you can see Davie and I really worked on the trashy part! We had a good time - then went and had breakfast with Bear at Jims - liver and onions! Here is bear sleeping on my couch!
He had been up 24 hours at that point! He was so pissed I took a picture - he knows if you fall asleep around me I take pictures! What did he expect?

So I'm still sick and plan to go back to bed now to nap til i have to go to work - but first.
Movie quote - last one was from Lilo and Stitch - Tana come on with those kids you didn't know that!
So for today:
"Dishes are done dude"
Tana I just told yo this one a couple days ago - go watch the movie!


op said...

PLease wake that boy up!! And do not go out looking so slutty!! Where are your spike heels and your leather and whips? You know you are supposed to dress for a party !! Mother

op said...

By the way-- it's from Don't tell Mom the babysitter is dead!