Sunday, August 06, 2006

A long night.....

I had a very long night at work, and am glad to be home for some sleep! Every day makes me more aware of different parts of my life. Lately it's been my lack of knowledge when it comes to men - I have decided they really are a separate species with no relation at all to females. Their behavior makes no sense to my female mind and you can never read anything into their actions - you'll always be wrong. I have made the last 2 weeks a study of the species and come to a couple conclusions to help me in my daily life - one - always take them at face value - do not read anything into what they say or do, they really are that one dimensional. Two - they have a very odd relationship with the phone - where they can't return phone calls, and in equal parts hate and love their phone - they are never without it but they rarely answer it. So give up trying to reach them and expecting a response. Three - they rarely remember they are supposed to do something, or that they made plans to do something - everything is a complete surprise to them - it doesn't matter how many times you told them about it - they will not remember it! Four - they really don't listen - they have learned to respond based on the tone of your voice not what your saying, so don't expect them to remember you telling them anything - relates well to number three. Five - they will do anything to avoid an adult conversation about their feelings and/or your feelings, do not think even locking them in a room or in a car will work they will find a way out!

So to save your hair - you will feel the need to pull it out - remember these things, take a deep breath, and knit with clenched teeth til the urge to strangle, decapitate, or disembowel has passed and you'll be fine, knitting really is very therapeutic - just stay away from the male in your life when working with straights - they are excellent for stabbing, and will sink easily into a chest cavity.

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