Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Actual Knitting

It's the Baby Bolero from One Skein - okay so Wendy knitted the jacket and I only did the edging - BUT I KNIT ON IT! Lol. It's going to my cousin who just had alittle girl on Saturday night - emergency c-section. Paloma Jean. Enought said. I'm working on another little jacket to go with this one, but it's not ready to be pictured yet.

Worked a split double yesterday - and am still very tired. I think I'll do some dyeing and hang around the house today. I'm working on some pretty solid colors - I'm kind of tired of multi colors and find myself knitting with alot more solids. Or one color solid for the body and a completely different color for heel and toe. Like my Easter socks - I'll post them next time! I was thinking about kits for my Etsy shop with contrast heel and toe. I usually don't like toe and heel to match - I like that jarrrrrr of color to shake things up! Ummm maybe I'll work on that today!

Saturday, April 05, 2008


A picture of the alpaca - for some reason Blogger wouldn't let me put it in the last post!

Not What I Was Expecting

You ever have things turn out not like you were expecting? Maybe when cooking? My grandma made great pancakes for us kids one time - we loved them and she was really embarrassed - she forgot the baking soda - rubber pancakes that all us kids LOVED! The yarn I dyed today was like that - NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! The bamboo came out well - you decide - I think HORRID! But what do I know, people love all kinds of things I don't.

But I did a skein of Suri alpacca and BFL that I love so much I may not give it up if it sells! But wasn't what I was trying to get either!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Yarn I have been handpainting!

I have a new shop!