Friday, August 04, 2006

Night and Day interchange and the world moves too fast...

So I had 3 whole days off and am getting ready to head out to work now, but for last few days I have had a wonderful time and night and day seem to change into each other and back again! I had been upset with Kevin, then(see previous post) had come to terms with everything. I had been on a much more even keel, happy with everything and enjoying his company. I make it sound like that has chaged - it hasn't. i had a great time last night - we drove up to lockheart and repoed a eclipse - that had a blown head gasket - then over to shiner and picked up a F150 - that was only 2 years old but smelled like something had died in it! Looked for 2 other cars in gonzales with no luck then headed home with me driving the smelly truck and him towing the eclipse. Droped the cars off about 5:30 this am and headed across town to repo a mustang with a good bit of body damage, before he dropped me off at home at 7:30 this am. The drive all over was nice we had a good time laughing and joking, and had a few real conversations about relationships and what was going on in both our lives. He is flying up tuesday to OK to get his stuff and see his kids, he finally got to move in to the house he is renting up the road - real nice 3 bedroom 2 bath with a big back yard with grape vines. Just a fun time. i had made a few decisions, one that I was the one making all the effort to contact him and that that was going to stop - well since I stoped contacting him - he started calling at least 2x a day. Very interesting! We will see how things go.


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