Friday, July 14, 2006


So I know i should talk abut something else - like the fact that I haven't knit in 2 days and my crochet is now stuck in a closet - DAMN DPN - but I'm in a good mood - so I'm sharing! The repo guy is really nice, except for the slightly weird fact that is name is Kevin - my father is Kevin too. He came by work last night to say hi and see me, then came back at 3 with breakfast so i didn't have to go any where on my break. It was funny that I have allways thought(even said it 2 weeks ago) that I wanted a handy guy, who likes bikes, dogs and has a sense of humor - too soon to tell but he has a sense of humor, loves bikes and seems handy to have around - NOT that i'm getting ahead of my self - we haven't even really had a date date - you know he plans it, picks me up, takes me out brings me home etc. but it's fun now!

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