Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Frog

So I am knitting my first dishcloth - every one keeps says how they are instant knitting gratification. We will see. So far I like it - but I think I am keeping it - why should I give up my cute little frog? One of the ladies on my Lone Star Knitting group posted the link and I just thoughtit was cute - I had some cream cotton that mom had bought at the Yarn Barn and then left here - just one skein, not enough for a decent project but more then enough for a dishcloth! So here's how it looks so far - we'll see if I finish it and how it turns out!
In other news I have been hanging out with Kevin(repo Guy) some and we have a good time - he showed me pictures of his kids and they are so cute - his younger son has his smile - which I know means trouble! I can see it in the glint in both their eyes! I told him he would and asked what he was like and he said "he's just like me only 10 times worse - I am so getting paid back" HEHEHEHEHE karma sucks but is so funny when it's not happening to you! On that profound thought - I'm going to go have lunch - I just got up and need food!

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