Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Middle of the night thoughts!

Okay so I know some people never sleep - but why are you at starbucks at 3 am, and why do you act like i should be able to read your mind? If i was psychic do yu think I would be working here? HELLO - anyone home? (just so you do't think I'm mean - I am one of those weirdos at starbucks in the middle of the night - even on my days off - when I'm not knitting) Knitting - I love to stick a movie on I have seen a million times and knit away for a hours - I have seen elizabethtown oh at a guess 100-150 times - no joke - at least 3-4 times a week - it just really strikes something in me - I have made that kind of trip alot inthe last few years with family members. but I have also found PBS and BBC are great to watch - I love Miss Marple in the middle of the night!

Work has been better - not so stressed at the moment - which for me is a miracle! Now if everthing else would fall into place - yea right! The world isn't that easy!

I'm thinking i need new yarn for the Knucks KAL - right? You could always use more yarn!
Wool or eww I know a nice silk alpacca blend would feel so nice - or angora and wool - NO - angora and alpacca!

Time for bed - to dream about lovely yarn.

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