Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do you ever notice...

That the longer your up the funnier everything gets, the more you can't stand some people, that the lights are pretty, and for some odd reason - even though they know you! - people think your high! That at 2 am you think odd thoughts you would never think during a busy day. People are much more willing to say anything they think at 2 am also. Doesn't matter what it is it comes out peoples mouths at 2am. You get all your drunk dials, and absurd text messages at 2 am also. But sometimes you get this flash of insight at 2 am, when everything is quiet, dark, and still, with the wind blowing, and the crickets out, the neighbors dog barking, BAM you get an insight that makes you change your life! Makes you look at everything different, makes you different.

That did not happen to me tonight! I got the drunk text messages and phone calls, but they were fun too!
What do you think of this as a new tattoo? She looks like she is contemplating the universe.

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op said...

I am so happy you changed to blue, I have not been able to read your posts! Some of those colors blend into your background and make life hard on those trying to read and keep up with you!

I have a picture for you! Let's see if I can bring it into your blog!