Monday, July 24, 2006


So I know I have said I hang out with bikers and I thought I would share alittle with you about the people I hang out with. They are B.A.C.A(bikers against child abuse) and they can explain better then I ever could what they do for kids. is their website. They are a great bunch of people who work towards never having a child afraid. I know bikers have a negitive stereotype and in many ways these are those guys! Tattooed, long hair, beards, hard looking guys and ladies, and some of the best people I have ever known (they are how I met Kevin(repo guy) he is one of them). Here is a link to some pictures of the san Antonio chapter events(no Kevin is not in them) but Bear, chuck, Ileana, Lori and a bunch of others are.
I had sneaked some pictures of Kevin when he fell asleep on the couch but he found them yesterday and deleted them - I thought they were funny - he didn't! The man snores worse then any one except my father! And then swears he doesn't snore - right! I almost fell off the couch laughing when he fell asleep!
I know I have a warped sense of humor - it was funny!
So no pictures today just a couple links. Hope you enjoy meeting some great people and hey - support them in any way you can!

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