Monday, July 17, 2006

Check out what I got

So I had a visitor at work last night and I thought I would share what he brought. I hadn't seen or heard from him since friday night and was alittle pissed thinking I was being blown off, turns out his cell died - the battery is dead dead and won't hold a charge - and he said he didn't know how I would feel about his just coming over without calling or checking to make sure it was okay with me first. Which I understand some people are weird about people showing up unexpected. So I am going to concider this his one screw up and see how things go. Plus he says sorry so nicely - what girl doesn't like a guy who brings her flowers - and NOT RED! They are a beautiful fushia color! A guy with some imagination . So ladies what do you think - forgive or what? I'm for bed just got home from work and had to share.

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op said...

Well, Well, my baby finally got roses, thank you Lord and Kevin!! You know honey, no one named Kevin could be bad!!

I am so happy that you are enjoying your new life of being a day sleeper and night worker! I think it is great that you have found someone who is on the same schedule!

I am moving G'ma and G'daddy's stuff to assisted living tomorrow, and cleaning out the apartment! Back to my horses Wednesday to take pictures and play with Poppy and Pappy Norman!