Monday, July 10, 2006


Have you ever had one of those weekends - you know the ones where everything is against you? So I got a promotion - sounds like a good thing right? WRONG!!!!! because of said promotion i was TRANSFERRED to a new store - okay still not a horrid thing - except it's the only 24 hour store in town and guess who gets the night shift - yep me! So i have been training for my new position - and after being told sunday night i would be on my own for the first time - after only 4 count them 4 night on that shift with someone else, where you have a HUGE amount of stuff that has to be done at a certain time in a certain way i go in friday to find out - you guessed didn't you! I WAS ON MY OWN! Now i work for starbucks - a very busy 24 hour starbucks - next to a movie theater - and the new pirates came out friday - the movie that made 138 MILLION in 3 days! And i'm in charge for the first time with 2 days experience - so i almost said I QUIT!!!! The only thing that stopped me was - ou guessed it I have bills! Saturday night and sunday night were better, but i did nothing but try to recover during my time away from work and now tonight another overnight shift - i could cry - i need a break.

In other more pleasant news I finished the first in a set of leg warmers and signed up for theKNUCKS KAL - yes i do realize i am knitting not crocheting at present! I am learning this odd two needle yarn in weird places craft too! I can master it - no matter how many years it takes!
Now for a lovely afternoon of sifting through my yarn closet to decide on what yarn to use for the knucks and a pair of the fetching gloves out og the new knitty.

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op said...

Hey Baby!
As you know, there are always bad days, or as in your caase, bad nights! Then when you step back and look at the whole picture, you realize you have it better than some! Let's see, you could still be at Blockbuster on Navy Blvd! What a hoot!
It has always been yarn to soothe you! I cannot wait for you to get that closet cleaned out so you can buy more, ha ha! I can't wait to find mine when the move is complete!
Great deign on your blog, colors are really pretty! Love you! Ma