Sunday, October 22, 2006

I hurt myself

So I have been packing, and then worked odd shifts, where I wasn't in charge, and ended up on bar - FOR HOURS!!! You may not think that working the bar is physically demanding, but my shoulder has given out. My right arm is fine, but I can no longer lift it up to say touch my head without almost falling to the floor in pain, Sharp stabbing pain radiating from my shoulder across my neck. Great right. I can barely knit. Horror. So I am sitting here reading my email with a heating pad across my shoulder, and neck. I have managed to do 2 things - one is finish the first of a grey pair of fingerless gloves in the Irish hiking pattern, and started a scarf in a mushroom color in the same pattern. Pics here.
Had a bunch of stuff to say and am just to tired and in pain, so I'm for bed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog and was first one I have seen in Danville, VA. I live here too. I tried to getyour widget aquarium clock but I guess I couldn't because I have no blog??? Have not had a chance to look at the things you do yet but I will. dbb