Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I can't seem to help myself, I started the Conquering Cables KAL and learned the Irish Hiking scarf pattern for the first project - as well as my first cable pattern EVER, and now I can't stop! First I did the purple pair of fingerless gloves on the bottom left(for mom), then I did the rose colored pair above them(for grandma), then I started the mushroom colored scarf(for granddaddy), then I did the grey pair, then I started the darker pink pair in a longer length for me!First one done second one already cast on. I should have some of my own obsession! But I still have plans for matching scarves for the rose and purple as well as my pink. A friend said I was obsessed, and I didn't believe him, I mean I'm just knitting a little - okay a lot. I'm a slow knitter and have done all this in like a week. I usually don't even finish a project! But I can live with this obsession, it along with Lime and Violet have helped me de-stress lately while trying to cope with this DAMN MOVE!!!
Move update: Mom and Dad will be here Thursday night with the trailer, we load up Friday, have a yardsale sat and sun to get rid of the junk left behind, sit what's left on the curb for Monday pick-up and roll out of here Monday 9am. 2 days travel to VA, and Friday I report to my new job. GOD HELP ME!!!! Just writing it makes me sick to my stomach!

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maxi said...

Hi there! You replied to my post on L&V Message board. Sure - you can link to it! Sorry it took me so long to reply! I didn't get notification messages on the post - so thought nobody had! It must be my email filter. Lovely, lovely colors you have chosen!