Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well some good intentions just dont work out. I really ment to start writing, but I GOT a PROMOTION! Yea me. Only they didnt tell me the promotion required me to move - again, and then open a new store all on my own, with no training help, no advice and no idea what i was doing. But I did it and now things have slowed down and I am working on my knitting again. I did manage a trip to the yarn stores in Greensboro over my birthday, not what I was expecting, but after what like 12 stores over 5 days in New York City, nothing looks as good.
I'm working on a Wisp from Knitty, in Knit Picks Alpacca Cloud Midnight . I really like it, I'll post pictures as soon as I can get the camera to work.

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