Monday, February 19, 2007

A Good Day

It was a good day. Went to my cousin's new place(her and her husband just seperated and it's tough on her) to see her and my sister who was in town for 2 days from Georgia, then all my other cousins and my aunt and uncle showed up - so we had 10 or 11 adults and 7 kids in a small 2 bedroom apartment. Everyone got along and had a good time. Taught my 4 year old neice to knit, she is getting better at holding the needles. Mom had been to their house after christmas and taught the older niece to knit and told the younger she was too young. I think 4 is old enough! So we taught her yesterday, she was sooo thrilled. She sat and worked and tried long after I thought she would be bored. Now the funny part in my sister doesn't know how to knit, so she'll end up learning to help the lit bit. Not much happening other then that, lots of food, lots of people, lots of kids and niose. I don't think we have all been in the same room since - well maybe a funeral a couple years ago. Dang been awhile! I did start the second in a pair of fingerless mitts, and got hand sizes of a bunch of people since I seem to be on a glove kick.
Heading to the scrapbook store later - even though I don't scrapbook, the other females in the family do.

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