Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Been Too Long

So I know it's been a very long time since I posted and alot has happened in the last year and a half! I have moved not once but twice - once across the country. I got a promotion at work. My grandfather died - it was a very rough time - he was part of the move across country. I got rid of the guys that were around, I lost friends, gained close friends and basically survived a year! Which is all you can ask for in life! My knitting has improved alot! I am dyeing my own yarn. The one on the left I did - the right is a sock yarn - the name is in the other room - but it's the aracunia? ranco multi from chili. The spelling may be off. Not bad for an experiment, mom will probably get it, she wants to knit a pair of Firstarters in bright colors and this is bright! Not really my colors but it wasn't for me. Robin ( and I started a Knitting group at Starbucks - we meet on Mondays from 6-8ish, it's been a really good way to meet alot of really nice ladies! I went bowling for the first time since I was like 10 or 12 - it really was fun! Thanks Wendy for taking me!

You ever have one of those days where everything is normal - but it's a good day? You know you get up early, make a list of things to do, run errands, get a hair cut ( that was really nice it was driving me CRAZY) enjoy the not great weather - and go to bed content? You just feel mellow and relaxed? Even went you do something VERY stressful in the middle of it all, afterward your just content - you know that whatever happens, happens and for the first time in a long time your really giving your problems up to god - not that you won't work hard to fix them, but that the worry falls away, and you know he has a plan? That was me the other day. It made me realize the amount of stress and worry I was living under everyday, every hour, and that i didn't have to! It's like your running so hard for a hole in the wall in front of you and someone says "what wall - look open space" it's another way of looking at things that I want to keep!
Okay enough! I sound all sad and for the first time in awhile I'M NOT!!!!!

I'm for bed - been up since 5 am and need to crash - it makes me odd!

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