Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unique Times

I spent a good portion of the day counting. Yes counting. Counting what you ask - well yardage. It seems every skein I have dyed has a different yardage - not just alittle different but ALOT different! They are all 4 oz but the yardage varies from 360 to over 600 - big deal right! The difference between a pair of sock and a shawl! It was something of a shock to say the least! So I spent all afternoon counting the yardage of every skein of yarn. Not how I wanted to spend the day!

On good news front - I got a job - I start Monday at 9am. Team Lead for petco - a little less money then what I was making but it should be less stressful!

I wanted to have a few pictures for you of the new yarns I dyed and the sweater I'm knitting but it didn't work out today - to busy counting!
So tomm I'll post pics!


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