Monday, June 16, 2008


Well - it's been a rough two weeks. It started with my manager being on vacation and me running the store which went fine. Only the last day, the last hour of my shift the district manager came down and FIRED me. It seems I am insubordinate. I said were people could hear one too many times that my manager was wrong, or that I would fix whatever she had messed up on. Was a very odd conversation because the DM told me 3 times she hoped this didn't make me dislike starbucks, and if I ever decided to come back - how exactly do you go back to work for a company that fired you?

It was weird! Anyway, I went on vacation to the outer banks with my sister, nieces and mom. We had a great time and I only got alittle burned - from ankles to knees. No one was too bad, and no one got in a fight. With 5 females in one house I thought that was really good!

Now I'm back - I'm okay about the no job thing. I'm working on my resume and applying for a couple jobs - just part time stuff. I really don't know that I want to go back to the stress and uncertainty that my last job caused in me - it put me in a really dark place and made me doubt myself. I want something part time to pay the bills and let me have some free time to myself. I want to take some time to figure out what I want. I think I'll learn to make cakes.

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